Sunday, August 17, 2008

We live in a quiet neighbourhood. Most of our neighbours are seniors. If not, they are working people. They live early in the morning and return in the afternoon.
We have never actually met any other neighbours, thus, we have never had a chat with anyone else except those who live in our triplex.
We have many flowers on our balcony facing the street. On the other side of the street lives this lady who, up to last year, used to plant only marigold in front of her home. It was superb, as these flowers last late in the autumn.

This spring she has decided to make a change and instead of those orange yellow flowers, she planted different tones of Impatiens flowers.
I found some information about this superb plant here:

It was August the 8th when someone rang at the door. I hardly ever open the door as I know that no one has to come to visit us. But that moment I simply did. I opened the door and it was this lady, carrying a plastic bag. She brought us tomatoes and cucumbers from her garden! She said something about our flowers. So, I took her gesture as bondage between people who like flowers.
She put the bag on the stairs and left. I thanked and I was extremely touched. I couldn’t wait to tell my husband. In the evening, when he came home, I showed him the fresh vegetables.
He said: “This is how people used to be in the old days.” 
Yes, the old days when neighbours were not suspicious of each other, when you knew your neighbour’s names, occupation. When people were not afraid of each other. When people were not so different from each other. When people felt comfortable among each other.

What do you know about your neighbours?
How comfortable do you feel around your neighbours?
Do you know their names, occupation, country of origin (if applicable)?
If you know the country of origin, what do you know about it (geography, politics, culture etc.)?
Can you think of a pleasant or unpleasant happening connected with your neighbours? Describe it.
Are multicultural neighbourhoods comfortable? Why so, why not?
Are Impatiens flowers in danger? Explain your answer.


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