Tuesday, September 2, 2008

February 27, 2008

Muslim students, mainly from Saudi Arabia, want lectures to be rescheduled to fit in with prayer timetables and separate male and female eating and recreational areas established on Australian campuses. What is wrong in this picture? Obviously, it’s the country.The “students” who made their choice to study there should keep their prayers quiet and private and if living in a non-Islamic country is that demanding, there is always a solution: learn in one of their universities. They could choose one in Saudi Arabia where men and women study in separate buildings and have prayer breaks to cool off from intense studying.

When you start appeasing 7th century Muslims, it will never end.
Or it will end with us living under Sharia law.
How long will it take for the fundamentalist or less fundamentalist, moderate or semi-moderate Muslims to require their host-countries to change flags, national anthems, history books, national holidays, dress code and ask for women and men to work and study in separate buildings? Why not create a sector for females and one for males in every city where there is a mosque? Would such a decision make these backward fundamentalists finally declare their contentment? I never understood why isn’t Saudi Arabia building more schools in Islamic countries, instead of sending money overseas and open Wahhabist schools?
Why do Muslims choose to humiliate themselves, recognizing the superiority of the “infidels” educational system and schools? If they have decided to come here, than face the music!
Under the concept of Al-Takeyya if under the threat of force, it is justifiable for Muslims to lie and act contrary to their faith. The following actions are tolerable: Drink wine, abandon prayers, and skip fasting during Ramadan. Renounce belief in Allah. Kneel in homage to a deity other than Allah. Utter insincere oaths.
When dealing with Muslims, what they say is not the issue. The real issue is what they actually mean in their hearts. Lying is also acceptable amongst spouses, to keep “peace” in the family.
Governments and all kind of “integration” organisms and associations chant a slogan: cultural exchange, better understanding of other cultures etc. It seems clear to me that this is a one way policy: we must learn about them, we must introduce new curricula in our schools to meet their needs, we must be “open” and make compromises and we must “create the proper environment for a dialogue”. This intention is very polite and noble.
But what do they do? All they desire is to live according to their religious necessities and ideas. They are not willing to learn from us or “experience other cultures”. They despise our culture, considering it rotten and vicious. They are not here to eat and taste our food, listen to our music, watch our movies, visit our museums or read our literature.
While they keep ignoring that it is them who have applied for a visa, refugee status or political asylum, leaving “their countries”, we keep forgetting that this is our world we have created and we have managed to craft it so eye-catching that the whole planet would like to relocate here.
We are suggested to educate ourselves and our children to “embrace, appreciate and accept” their culture, while they teach their children to reject what is labeled “infidel” and remain “Muslims”.
Where on Earth is the cultural exchange when it comes to Muslims and non-Muslims?
I have recently seen a sad scene, in a public eating space. It was this numerous Muslim family (4 generations) sitting and chatting. All men were crowded around one table, while the single woman in the group was sitting lonely with the toddler at a table across the aisle. There is some backbone left here and there like La Trobe University International College , the institution that has rejected such abusive accommodations. Director Martin Van Run said that those Saudi students were fully aware that the university is secular before coming to study there. Here we are. Someone has finally the courage to say it. Is it “hate speech”?

Muslims in Australia
In 2006, Australia rolled out a pilot program in 16 schools in Muslim areas of western Sydney on the compatibility of Islamic and Australian values and the wearing of religious attire, including headscarves. The federally 1 million funded three-year program was looking “to improve understanding of other faiths and cultures.”
What about those “other cultures” to improve their respect and knowledge of our cultures?
Australia is under their heel. In 2007, Islamic Friendship Association of Australia president Keysar Trad admitted hearing young Muslims asking their cleric for advice on going to fight jihad overseas. These young Muslims are predominantly university students. Willing to become perhaps “doctors” and save our lives?

In 2007, an “Australian”, Ahmed Ali, died fighting alongside Islamists in Somalia, his country of birth. Ali (who married what else than an Australian convert!) migrated to Australia with his parents in the late 1990s. He went to Somalia with his wife and children, to expose them to an integration lesson. With the jihadist funds and the Australian social welfare, his wife will be living off the fat of the land. Even if under the Crimes Act 1978 (Foreign Incursion and Recruitment) Australian citizens who engaged in hostile activity in a foreign country face up to 20 years in jail, there is nothing stipulated on family members who were aware of the respective activities.

Australia should add this: “and their dependants who knew about their activities get no social welfare”
Keysar Trad is the one who said on the Islamic Friendship Association of Australia website about Sharia: “Sharia refers to the system of guidance in Islam. There are penal provisions within Sharia, these are referred to as Hudood. The Hudood are a very small part of Sharia. The following is a reasonable summation: 95% of Sharia protects the life, safety and freedom of individuals and of society, especially women, 5% are provisions to deter those who would threaten the freedom of society.Keysar Trad”

Unsatisfied Muslims in west had fallen on their sword, making the west fed up to the back teeth. Under false colours, fundamentalist Muslims work and live among us, waiting for the right moment to harm us. The case of the so-called “doctors” in Glasgow and the school bus driver in the Toronto case are only two examples of their chameleonic behaviour. They greet you, they are your neighbours, they mow the lawn, water the plants, complain about the weather. They are “friendly” and “normal”. Until the day they decide to act against the “infidels”.

We are fiddling while Rome burns.


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